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Veronica Mars Secret Santa

2012 exchange?

2012 exchange?

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I just found this comm, but I was wondering if there was going to be a 2012 exchange? Is there any interest in doing one?
  • You'd have to talk to sarah_p though I'm assuming there isn't going to be one because wishlists would have been up by now. There's an email to contact her on the profile page.

    Am I interested? Probably not. I did this twice and both times I didn't receive a gift. Then again I seem to have the worst luck with exchanges and that always happens, it's not just here. Though I'd be willing to help if your thinking of setting one up.
  • If there were one, it would have been set up by now (and people would have been already been making gifts), but I know that the last few years have been hard for everyone to get a gift (I think I also went without one for two years).
    • Same here, two years in a row I didn't get a gift. Apparently all the people making gifts, weren't receiving and all the receiving parties weren't making lol.
  • I just went one year without a gift, but it did seem like the problem of folks not coming through with gifts was getting worse. If the exchange were to happen, I'd drink up the fics like a person dying of thirst, but unfortunately, I wouldn't have the time to write anything myself. It's too bad--I always thought these were fun, but Christmas is such a busy time for me...
  • I'd love to participate if there were one, even though I didn't get a gift, either. But I think other people are right; if it were going to happen, signups would already be up.
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