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Veronica Mars Secret Santa

Gift update!

Gift update!

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VM--Yummy Logan vm_santa! (mutinousmuse)
Hello, all! :)

Since the gifts have started coming in, I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone's come up with. It's FANTABULOUS. I hope everyone's enjoying the new year so far. Happy 2012, guys! :)

This is an update as to where things stand with people who have not yet received gifts. ANYONE who hasn't gotten a gift should be on this list (and if I made a mistake, holler). Since I should (hopefully) be hearing back from the last santa today (which--almost every single santa contacted before I started sending reminder E-mails, which is fantastic), this post will be edited as soon as I do. Without further ado:

People whose santas are working on their gifts, which will be slightly late:


People who have a fantabulous back-up gifter working on their request:

None yet!

People whose Santas I'm waiting to hear from:


That's it! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
  • Seriously? Does everyone hate me?
    • It's okay, she just told me it's in the mail! (And, no worries--I had already pledged to break my years of non-writing and be your back-up if it didn't pan out again, so you're covered either way.)

      I DON'T HATE YOU!!! :D
    • Lol, okay. I was gonna develop a complex otherwise.

    • You realize this now officially the second year where I've received 0 gifts from my secret Santa... why am I the naughty list???? I'm seriously a really good lj friend lol.
  • I just wanted to check on the status of the two remaining gifts?
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