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Gift update!

Hello, all! :)

Since the gifts have started coming in, I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone's come up with. It's FANTABULOUS. I hope everyone's enjoying the new year so far. Happy 2012, guys! :)

This is an update as to where things stand with people who have not yet received gifts. ANYONE who hasn't gotten a gift should be on this list (and if I made a mistake, holler). Since I should (hopefully) be hearing back from the last santa today (which--almost every single santa contacted before I started sending reminder E-mails, which is fantastic), this post will be edited as soon as I do. Without further ado:

People whose santas are working on their gifts, which will be slightly late:


People who have a fantabulous back-up gifter working on their request:

None yet!

People whose Santas I'm waiting to hear from:


That's it! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
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Final Gift for jesterlady

For jesterlady, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year- I hope you like it!

Title: Normal is Not Always What You Need
Author: pegm81484, but you can call me Paula
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica
Word Count: About 1,200
Rating: PG, for cursing
Summary: What if Veronica hadn’t broken up with Logan in “Normal is the Watchword?”
Spoilers: This is set during the beginning of the second season, but may include mentions from the entire series.
Warnings: In my VM world, the characters curse more. There also may or may not be violence and mentions of sexual situations.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas and The CW own all these characters, I own almost nothing. If you sue me, the only thing you could possible get is my dog. Please don’t take my dog!

Normal is Not Always What You Need
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Guidelines for posting final gifts:

HOLY COW, you guys, it's the 23rd already! WHERE DID THE MONTH GO??

This is all important info, so please, take a minute to read it all!

The main Santa reveal starts on December 24th, and (officially) runs through January 1st. DO NOT POST YOUR FINAL GIFT BEFORE THIS. For real, yo ;). Obviously, there's a little leeway on the end date. If you know you're going to be a little late with your gift, it's no big deal. Just, please, let me know before I start scouring the list for back-up gifters. A few days after the 1st, I *will* start recruiting back-up gifters for those requests that were not filled. At that point, I'll post a master list, and everyone can ooh and aah over who had who. Or my mad organization skills. Or both. Whichever ;).

As for the actual reveal:

As of the 24th, there are no more teaser gifts (Awwww!). You should make a new post for your gift (but try to include all parts of it in one post, for the sake of convenience, unless you're posting a multi-part fic). To appease my mad organization skills, it would help if you clearly marked a "final gift for whoever" in the subject line. Also, it makes finding your own gift super easy! For you extra suck-ups, if you tag the post with the recipient's username and the "2011 gifts" tag, I might just make out with you. Maybe ;).

Okay, I would totally do that anyway. WHATEVER ;).

Fics should be placed under cut-texts, with clear headers indicating rating, pairing, and any other info you deem relevant.

Large graphics should be placed under cut-texts. Icons are fine, but if you post more than four, please cut-tag the rest of them.

Any videos, fanmixes, or other media should be uploaded to a server (your own, yousendit, whatever). Put the link to the gift in your post, and you're set.

Other gifts, like an LJ-layout, website layout, or anything else, is up to your discretion. You can post what the final product will look like, or make arrangements to exchange the code, or whatever will work for the gifter and the giftee.

If you will not have internet access during the final gift posting window:

Send me your gift at vm.santa [@] gmail.com. Please include your username, as well as your recipient's. Give me any posting instructions you may have (post this on the 26th, use red font, etc.), as well as any note you may want to include. I'll post the gift, and reveal your identity on your behalf.

That's it, I think. If there are any other questions feel free, as always, to contact me at vm.santa [@] gmail.com, or reply to this post. If you KNOW now that you will be unable to fulfill your gifting assignment, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I can make the proper arrangements. But, really, try to get your gifts done. It's more fun that way.

You guys have made this so fun so far, and we haven't even made it to the end! Just think of all the love that's going to be flowing around here once Sunday hits. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE PRETTY! :)

Happy holidays, whatever you may celebrate, to all of you. Thanks for being a part of vm_santa this year.

Much love,
SARAH (sarah_p)