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Veronica Mars Secret Santa

Teaser gifts!

Teaser gifts!

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VM--Corny! MASTER BAIT! :)
Just a few notes if you plan on making any:

If you're sending graphics, you can send them either as an attachment, or just send me the link. I upload all of them to a different account, so it doesn't matter if they're on your server--you recipient won't see that. If you could include the recipient's name somewhere in the filename, it would help, but if you can't, no worries.

As for fic, I'd prefer it if you could send it in a text file. If it's going to need any LJ-formatting--a cut, bold, italics, whatever--it'd help me immensely if you included that in the file.

For anything not fic or graphic related, like a video, or fanmix, or whatever, upload it to a service (such as www.yousendit.com) and send the link along.

I hope this helps! I know posting each teaser gift in a separate post is kind of spammy for the FL, but I think it makes it easier for people to track down their own gift. I'm trying to keep it to one posting period a day, so at least you can just skim through all of the entries at once. Also, we have TAGS. They make things much happier! :)

You can send everything to vm.santa@gmail.com.

ETA: rejeneration made a really helpful guide to basic HTML, so if you neeed any help coding your fic, you should check it out!

  • Hey Sarah,

    In an effort to help you I made this cheat sheet for the HTML that hopefully other's will be able to follow:

    HTML cheat sheet
    Bold Text
    <b>your text here</b>
    Italicize Text
    <i>your text here</i>
    Underline Text
    <u>your text here</u>
    Center Text
    <center>your text here</center>
    LJ-cut (no text)
    <lj-cut> - at the very end of your story, close the cut tag with </lj-cut>
    LJ-cut (with text)
    <lj-cut text="insert text here"> - at the very end of your story, close the cut tag with </lj-cut>

    You can combine any number of tags as long as you remember to close them (</> closes a tag). One of the fastest ways I've found to go back and tag my text in Word is to do an 'Edit', 'Find', click the 'More' dropdown box go to 'Format,' 'Font,' and then choose 'bold,' 'italics,' etc. This way you can go through and find the things you need to tag in one fell swoop.

    These are the common ones, hope this helps somewhat.
    • Ooooooooooh! Pretty! *pets it*

      This is a really great idea, AND it will (hopefullly) make things much easier for ME, too, so! I approve wholeheartedly! :) I'll link this comment in the post, and then I can refer people to it. And it will be awesome.

      You're kind of brilliant :).

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