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Veronica Mars Secret Santa

Final Gift for jesterlady

Final Gift for jesterlady

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friends- lips moving still talking
For jesterlady, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year- I hope you like it!

Title: Normal is Not Always What You Need
Author: pegm81484, but you can call me Paula
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica
Word Count: About 1,200
Rating: PG, for cursing
Summary: What if Veronica hadn’t broken up with Logan in “Normal is the Watchword?”
Spoilers: This is set during the beginning of the second season, but may include mentions from the entire series.
Warnings: In my VM world, the characters curse more. There also may or may not be violence and mentions of sexual situations.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas and The CW own all these characters, I own almost nothing. If you sue me, the only thing you could possible get is my dog. Please don’t take my dog!

Normal is Not Always What You Need
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